When we first moved to France I didn’t know Ros. Boy would life have been easier had she and French Hiccups been around then. We managed (badly) and caused ourselves endless hours of hair pulling that Ros would have sorted almost instantly. What most people don’t realise is that the paperwork is never-ending and if your French is not good or even if you are fluent, you will need help just in understanding the system. Ros, however, has this lovely light touch, when dealing with bureaucracy for you. It could be just one situation you need her help with or the whole package of moving to France and setting up a business. Ros has ‘been there and done that’ she understands almost instantly what needs to be done and simply does it. Ros takes the hard work and worry out of any problem and helps you remember why you wanted the simple life in the first place. Ros has helped us with a myriad of situations now – from helping us buy business equipment to helping us sort out online utilities, and is now my ‘go to person’ for help and advice.