To help your dream come true French Hiccups can:grape-with-leaves-clipart-picture

  • Help you to organise and be with you during your search for your new French home. Ensure the liaison between you, the Estate Agents and eventually the Notaire.
  • If you need Bed & Breakfast accommodation whilst you are visiting properties, I could help you find the right place to stay.
  • Help with the opening of a bank account,
  • I can organise and liaise with companies to connect or reconnect you to utility services. For example, gas, water, electricity, telephone and Internet services.  
  • Help with the purchase of a mobile telephone.
  • For families with children I can help with the application and registration process with schools.  Also organise visits (accompanied or unaccompanied).
  • Recommend a local doctor, dentist and hospital and accompany you on your first visit, if required.
  • Help you with an introduction to the Maire of you commune (local council).
  • I can help you find the best insurance for  household cover, vehicle and health insurance.
  • Help you find the best craftsman, for example a mason, an electrician, a plumber, a roofer, etc, if your home needs to be renovated. My husband is registered as an electrician and plumber plus my son is a qualified roofer.
  • Help you in your purchase of a car, or if you prefer, renting a car.
  • Exchange of your current English driving licence to a French driving licence.
  • Help you in your application for a Carte Grise (log book). 
  • If you decide to bring your English car with you I can help with registering this vehicle in France. 
  • If you want to buy a property and open a Bed & Breakfast business or maybe a holiday home, I can help you with the registration formalities.
  • If you wish to start a new business in France, I can help you register with the appropriate French authorities.
  • Be with you as translator for any formations that may be required in conjunction with registering a business.
  • Help when shopping for the new kitchen, bathroom, bedroom you wish for your new home.
  • Maybe you want to buy a property as a family holiday home and have you have concerns about a house that will be left unoccupied during your absence. I can organise someone to take care of your property.  For example, checking the property over the winter months, cutting the grass, looking after your garden and house cleaning before your planned holiday in France.

A local friend to help you settle into your new home in France.

If you wish to know my hourly tarif and my terms and conditions, please send me a request using the form on the Contact page or phone me on my mobile.  Thank you.



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