Hot and Cold

I received the good news earlier today that one client is at last sitting comfortably in his home in France with his wife and they are both WARM!!  Sounds strange you would think this time of year to say that, I mean why wouldn’t they be warm.  Well the story goes like this ….  Last summer after signing and paying the customary advance payment to an Artisan to install a new central heating boiler, it has taken until recently to have this new central heating boiler installed and not, I may add, by the original Artisan.  That part of the story has been both complicated and a nightmare for my client, but at the end of the day they had no choice but to chose another Artisan to quote for and install the required boiler. So when this poor couple arrived over two weeks ago it was to a freezing house that had had no heating in it since last winter.  How they have survived I don’t know, but survive they did!!  They are now very happily warm and toastie and ready for the installation of their new kitchen, which I helped them organise, a few months ago (mentioned in one of my earlier blogs).  I couldn’t be more happy for them to have eventually got to where they are now. One day they hope to be here in France living permanently and living in the home they will have lovingly created for themselves.

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