Long Awaited Roast Dinner

Now when was it?  I believe it was sometime in October 2016, that I was asked by an English couple to help them with the ordering of a fitted kitchen. So with their plan and measurements in hand, we all went down to the French company they had chosen to carry out this work for them. Wow the chose of fitted kitchen styles and colours these specialists have is amazing – I would have struggled to chose – but this couple knew exactly what they wanted and because this was only going to happen once, they wanted it just right.  So after two visits to see these kitchen experts, plus a personal visit by the expert to the clients home to verify everything was just so, my clients were at last happy with their choice of kitchen fittings, colours, work surface, electrical equipment, etc.  The work was planned for the beginning of March 2017, so this couple went back to England and returned to France a few weeks before the work was due to start.  With the best will in the world, not everything goes according to plan and this work was no exception I’m afraid to say.  One of those occasions where the company fitting the kitchen itself and the company fitting the work surface didn’t quite get their timing right!! Mmmm.  So my poor clients were left without any means to cook or wash up because there was no work surface to connect these two items to!!  It took several phone calls on my behalf to eventually get the company making the work surface to get their part of the work schedule completed so the young guy fitting the kitchen could finish off by installing the hob, oven, sink and extactor fan.  Everything is now in place and I heard a couple of days ago that this couple were looking forward to cooking their first roast dinner since they came over to France in February – once they had worked out how the oven worked, of course!!  

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