Le Patio Café – a dream come true!

I cannot believe how time has flown since I last posted a blog of any sort let alone a follow-up to one I posted back in March this year entitled “A major milestone for one client”.  Well for those interested persons I am now going to let you know that for this couple in particular an awful lot has happened in the ensuing months since my last blog.  The couple I refer to is Steve and Maggie and their hard-fought battle to become the proud owners of a petit restaurant/café called Le Patio Café here in our local town of Excideuil, Dordogne – and they are loving every minute of it!!  French Hiccups has been fortunate and privileged to have been involved from the very beginning when it was a grain of thought in their minds to the now fully  blossomed reality.  The once building site has grown into a very welcoming and comfortable place to spend some quality time with friends over a cup of tea or coffee, whilst enjoying some delicious homemade cakes or biscuits.  Or enjoying a light lunch.  All is possible in the comfort of their café or their salon, or even outside on their sunny terrace.  Every time I visit – which can be fairly often because I am lucky enough to live just around the corner from Le Patio café Excideuil – I am always amazed by the transformation that has occurred and how much hard work and effort went into transforming this once rather dark building into the lively, warm place it is today.  As my previous blog mentioned the work French Hiccups carried out for Steve and Maggie was a challenge as I didn’t know everything, but I am learning from experience that every client and the work they require me to do is never the same.  So watching and being involved in the growth of this business has given me much pleasure and my confidence has grown alongside.  I still continue to work for them and I hope French Hiccups can always continue to be of service to their flourishing café.  I even serve customers now and then in the café  which I thoroughly enjoy!  Steve and Maggie are a lovely couple who have had, and still have, an amazing support team surrounding them.  One person in particular, Paige Kilford (who ois also responsable for their homemade cakes and biscuits) is so very good at welcoming every customer that walks over the threshold and keeping the café running smoothly.  French Hiccups would be more than happy to remain part of their future growth and I really hope that Le Patio Café Excideuil is the success they deserve.  Well done my friends, you made it and it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple!!  Follow their story from beginning to end on their Facebook page, Le Patio Café Excideuil.

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